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Can you guess which party a member of Congress is in from a single tweet?


It’s time to put your political sleuthing skills to the test. Can you guess which party these members of Congress belong to based solely on one of their tweets?

If all you know about Congress is what you see on the news every day—or even what you read about on the Daily Dot—you might think the entire institution is nothing but partisan attacks, lies, spite, and acrimony, especially when communicating on Twitter. For the most part, you’d be right.

Sometimes, however, you see politicians on Twitter who take care not to inflame the other side when communicating with their constituents and other followers. Instead, they tweet positive messages and call for solutions to problems that we can all agree are pressing, or tweet across the aisle and thank their colleagues from the other party for co-sponsoring legislation..

See if you can figure out if the following members of Congress are Democrats or Republicans. The answers may surprise you. And remember: No Googling! That would make you just as honest as, well, a politician.

1) Rep. Joe Garcia, champion of tax-free purchase

2) Rep. Mike Honda, student performance crusader

3) Sen. Tim Scott, civil rights field trip coordinator

4) Rep. Rick Larsen, watchdog of our rail crossings

5) Sen. Pat Toomey, veteran supporter

6) Rep. Suzanne Bonamici, coastal defender

7) Sen. Ron Wyden, critic of government agency overreach

8) Sen. Martin Heinrich, critic of CIA Director John Brennan

9) Rep. Peter Roskam, scourge of superbugs

Answer key: 1) Democrat; 2) Democrat; 3) Republican; 4) Democrat; 5) Republican; 6) Democrat; 7) Democrat; 8) Democrat; 9) Republican

Photo via Phil Campbell/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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