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After World Cup defeat, England turns to Twitter with world-class defeatist humor


England’s hopes of surviving Group D in the World Cup are mathematically alive.

But for only the second time since 1950, England lost back-to-back games at a World Cup Thursday. The Three Lions matched a dastardly Luis Suárez goal in the 75th minute when Wayne Rooney flicked in a gorgeous cross from Gary Johnson. England dominated possession (62 percent) and would finish with more shots on goal.

But just 10 minutes after the equalizer, Suárez struck again to give Uruguay a pivotal three points.

England’s fading chances of advancing to the knockout rounds depend on Friday’s Italy and Costa Rica game. If they're still alive heading into game 3 on Tuesday, England must then pour on the firepower against Costa Rica, win, and hope for a goal differential miracle. 

What’s much more likely, unfortunately, is that England’s World Cup dreams have been rudely awakened like someone with a hungry cat nipping at their feet well before the alarm clock. Credit the English, at least, for handling defeat with deft expertise and self-loathing wit, and then finding ways to break this fragile national truce by leveling insults at players from rival Premier League clubs.

Or just plain leveling bile at the talent assembled for the floundering national team.

And reminding everyone that, hey, things aren’t so bad—our beloved Premier League is just around the corner.

There were instant memes that stung like cleats to an ankle.

And because it’s the English, defeatist humor was world-class.

While not particularly witty, rest assured that Daily Dot contributor Ned Donovan was staunchly sad. His heart filled with sour grapes.

And of course, non-English haters chimed in too.

But look, a few days ago England wanted Wayne Rooney’s foot deep fried and served with chips. His lack of big moments on the world stage made him a popular scapegoat.

At least it wasn’t his fault.

Photo via robinrimbaud/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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