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Is this woman tweeting to find love or shill a watch?


Erika Domesek, DIY maven and founder of innovative lifestyle brand PS I Made This, met the love of her life on an airplane. His name is Clauco. He was born in Torino, Italy and lives in Soho, Manhattan. They sat next to each other in the front row of first class. But she forgot to get his last name. Or his number. Or his email address.

Naturally, she tweeted at American Airlines.

Despite her protestations, American Airlines couldn’t help, because of, like, “privacy” and stuff.

Fortunately for everyone, Domesek wasn’t just harassing American Airlines’ social media intern but her famous friends as well.

Turns out, Domesek and Clauco had a mutual friend, who recognized a picture of him on her Samsung Galaxy Gear watch. Wait, what? That's a weird detail to randomly bring up!

Why would Domesek mention that? This wasn’t the first time Domesek used her (ample) social media presence to hawk Samsung’s wares, either: Before she got on her flight, she posted a photo of herself wearing Samsung’s smart-watch to Instagram.

Flight 1307, which Domenesk identified as the flight she was on in her initial tweet, seems to operate between Dallas, TX and Calgary. Domesek’s location on her Instagram photo, however, reads as “Miami International Airport.” Her photos immediately prior are geo-tagged Miami as well.

Fashion Times reports that Domenesk eventually tweeted, “To close the book on this story. The universe brought us together and he’s amazing. FULL STOP. #romance CC: @AmericanAIR.”

Domenesk has since deleted that tweet.

So! There are two conclusions to be drawn from this.

1) Clauco is a real person who Domenesk was able to track down and now they are in love and also Domenesk is weirdly enthusiastic about her Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch. She likely had the flight number wrong in that one tweet! Or maybe her geo-tags were messed up.

2) Domenesk is a shill for Samsung and this was a hilariously bad attempt at Viral Marketing.

The Samsung twitter account Domenesk mentioned in her tweet (@SamsungMobileUS) did not reply—which is only noteworthy because they seemingly reply to everything anybody says about them ever on Twitter.

The Daily Dot has reached out to both Domenesk and Samsung for comment. Neither have responded.

Hashtag romance!

H/T Fashion Times | Image via Kuster & Wildhaber/Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

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