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The funniest SXSW parody accounts to follow


Five days into the melee of South By Southwest, at the Tuesday bridge of the Interactive conference and Music festival, the strains are starting to show on the weary and brave attendees attempting to push through the entire 10-day festival. Austin locals and SXSW veterans have their ways of coping, though, especially by laying on the snark.

If you’ve been through SXSW enough times, you begin to embrace the chaos and recognize its patterns of crazy secret shows, celebrities doing ridiculous stunts, and hipsters of all varieties. It’s hard not make fun of the pure extravagance.

Thankfully, some excellent Twitter parody accounts have emerged over the past few years that help us laugh through the week, and maybe restore a little sanity. We recommend sitting back with a nice Deep Eddy vodka cocktail and simply taking in the extraordinary scene unfolding around you.

Share your finds from this year on Twitter, Instagram, and Vine using the hashtags #SXSWin and #SXSWFail. We’ll be posting our favorite selections at sxswinsandfails.tumblr.com

1) @SXSWPartyzzzzz

SXSWPartyzzzzz has provided an excellent run up in preparation to SXSW, picking up where it left off last year the with hilarious scenarios that sound just ridiculous enough to maybe be true. Run by Dan Treadway, a contributor for the Onion and Sports Illustrated, Partyzzzzz takes on all aspects of the fest, from interactive and film to music and this year’s new sports event, rolling it into a massive ball of hype and rumor.

2) @SXSWhine

For those tired of hearing everyone complain about SXSW instead of just enjoying the range of possibilities, SXSWhine is the account for you.

Dedicated to Twitter-shaming those folks venting the #firstworldproblems of SXSW attendees, the account has been going for years and is run by local Zach Teibloom, who has a number of hilarious projects you can follow. Be careful what you vent about at SXSW, you just might find yourself RT’d into the stream of some the most ridiculous and tone-deaf complaints imaginable.

As SXSWhine says, “SXSW is awesome. You should enjoy it.”

3) @SXSWFanFiction

One of our favorite, lesser-known SXSW parody accounts, SXSWFanFiction offers of tweet style stories of stuff that probably is actually happening somewhere in downtown Austin this week. We’re not sure who is behind it, though it has been running since 2012, dishing a few gems over the course of the fest that range from snarky to prescient.

4) @DrunkatSXSW

While we hope everyone enjoys SXSW responsibly, there is obviously a lot to work with for the DrunkatSXSW Twitter account.

Going back to 2010, DrunkatSXSW has been recording every stumble and slur, and enough snarky jabs at attendees to go around. They were on the scene for the interactive portion of the fest, but we hope they stick around for more of music this year.

5) @SXSWDouchebag and @AngryBartenderSXSW

Ah, the SXSW douchebag has become a perennial icon for the hipster influx that the fest brings, but we don’t want to forget his counterpart, the Angry SXSW bartender. Both these accounts are somewhat sporadic, but we hope that they return this year. Capturing great overheard moments throughout the week, the general experience of overeager attendees, and frustrated locals working the fest, you can likely see these two archetypes duke it out at any bar during SXSW.

Bonus Parody Account: SXSWDouchebags on Facebook

The SXSWDouchebags Facebook account, which seems separate from the Twitter handle, gets a special shout out because of its work in curating the ultimate meme from this year’s SXSW. He’s finally been found, the pinnacle of SXSW absurdity, rolling down the street on his segway, with Google Glass, and his iPhone in hand. The “Oblivious SXSW Tech Guy”: Amazing.


With over 150 pouring stations around town this week, Deep Eddy Vodka wants to show you some classic Austin hospitality this week. After all, good old-fashioned vodka always makes for a #SXSWin.

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