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It's a Twitter-wide Christmas meltdown as Justin Bieber announces retirement


Even in retirement, Justin Bieber just can’t be taken seriously.

Late last night, the Bieb tweeted that he was calling the music industry quits:

Fans’ reactions to this were mixed, possibly because no one really believed him. I mean, come on, Bieber wouldn’t really announce his retirement right before the biggest day of the year—the day of the U.S. release of his movie, Justin Bieber’s Believe?! Oh, right, and also Christmas.

That, too.

Confusing the issue was that Bieber immediately followed the “retirement” tweet with a tweet that many people read as denying the retirement tweet:

Then he ended the trifecta of confusion with “IM HERE FOREVER.” 

So is he or isn’t he?  

This is the second time in a week Bieber’s tried to announce his retirement. The first time, amid a bizarre hoax claiming he induced a teenage fan to commit suicide, he told L.A. radio station Power 106 that he meant business and planned to retire after his new album drops.

Noooo, he doesn’t, was the unofficial Bieb entourage response to TMZ. 

The reaction from fans was all over the place. From disbelief—

To confusion—

To floodbursts of “Justin Bieber ruined my Christmas.”

And finally, to the predictable fangirl tears:

As for Bieber, he went right back to tweeting endless promotions for his movie like nothing had changed.

So what’s a Belieber supposed to believe?

USA Today might know. The site reports that the troubled artist, who spent much of this year in the limelight for all the wrongreasons, told them via email earlier this week that he just plans to take some time off to refocus—a good thing considering his new album is currently getting panned.

So, not so much a “retirement” after all. Then again, considering we’re dealing with a guy who doesn’t know what “German” is despite having a German name, maybe it shouldn’t surprise us that the nuanced difference between “retirement” and “hiatus” have escaped him.

In any case, have a Merry Christmas, Beliebers: it looks like your star will stay shining a while longer.

Photo via cukuskumir/Flickr

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