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Aaron Paul held a citywide Twitter scavenger hunt in Boise


It's no secret that Aaron Paul is a huge fan of Breaking Bad fans. He did an AMA on Reddit last month (and later awarded "Bitchies" for the best questions). Two fans will to get the chance to roll up in an RV, "cook" with him and co-star Bryan Cranston, and watch the series finale with the entire cast. When some of his fans arrived at his house, he greeted them.

And just three weeks before the series finale, Paul topped himself yet again. Not only did he live-tweet last night's episode of Breaking Bad, he watched it with over 700 of his biggest fans in Boise, Idaho.

The local radio stations gave out some tickets, but the Idaho native decided to make it fun for people. He turned it into a giant Twitter scavenger hunt.

Described as a "cross between Ferris Bueller and Willy Wonka" by Uproxx's Danger Guerrero, Paul had fans running across the city with every tweet in an attempt to grab a set of tickets faster than you could say "Gatorade me, bitch!" And longtime locals clearly had a leg up.

It's not quite the mad dash surrounding the Golden Ticket that Willy Wonka offered to just five people to tour his famous factory, but for some fans it might as well have been: They didn't have to consume large amounts of chocolate to do so, but they got to watch "Ozymandias" with Paul in the flesh.

Here's just some of the things fans had to do in order to snag a free ticket.

Who else would reward you with a free ticket for cursing?

Yeah, science!

Paul probably had as much fun as the fans who were successful in procuring a ticket, and with gleeful fans tweeting their success, that's saying something.

But even those who weren't as successful got something out of it.

H/T Uproxx | Photo via Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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