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25 of the very best celebrity Twitter bios


It's impossible to share your life story in roughly 160 characters.

Celebrities have it easier on Twitter. They're already established. They don't have to introduce themselves—you’re coming to them.

Here are 25 of the very best Twitter bios. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll immediately follow them, if you're not already. 

1) Hillary Clinton


2) Shaquille O'Neal


3) Andy Murray


4) Amanda Bynes


5) Tom Hanks


6) Weird Al Yankovic


7) Anna Kendrick


8) Rainn Wilson


9) Josh Groban


10) Katy Perry


11) Joel McHale


12) Sarah Silverman


13) Jimmy Fallon


14) Jimmy Kimmel


15) Ellen Page


16) B.J. Novak


17) Jennifer Love Hewitt


18) Patton Oswalt


19) Miley Cyrus


20) Olivia Munn


21) Zach Braff


22) Jason Bateman


23) Will Arnett


24) Kevin Smith


25) Rob Delaney


Illustration by Jason Reed

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