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23 dads who have mastered the art of texting


It’s Father’s Day weekend, so you’re likely spending more time with Dad than you have all year. But when you’re not around, Dad misses you. He wants to stay in touch. And he wants to understand your generation.

So he texts.

And anyone with a texting dad knows there’s nothing quite like a dad text. Mom may text in full sentences and sign each message with x’s and o’s—and she’s your go-to when you need to get out of a fight—but Dad is wily and weird. He’s gonna text when you least expect, and if he texts something that actually makes sense, you’ll have to roll your eyes and groan.

In the spirit of celebrating our year-round dads, and not just the goofball you get on Father’s Day, here are some all-time classic dad text moves.

1) The unprovoked burn

2) Should probably just download Snapchat

3) The joke you walked right into

4) May or may not be trucker code

5) When dictation to Siri goes wrong

6) Come on, Siri

7) Actually, does Siri ever work for dads?

8) Still catching up on ’90s TV

9) Fashion advice

10) Minute-by-minute bathroom updates

11) Reminding you to be considerate of others

12) Knows just what you like

13) In a philosophical mood again

14) Experimenting with emoji

15) His wisdom is endless 

16) Always a self-esteem booster

17) Does repeat himself sometimes 

18) Don’t test him

19) Seriously, never stop using voice recognition

20) Honesty is the only policy

21) Making the most of that family data plan

22) You sure can

23) Love talking to you, too, Dad

Happy Father’s Day to all you texting dads out there. Keep those thumbs strong and the jokes corny. Oh, and one more thing: 😂😂😂

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