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Buccaneers TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins fights with fans on Twitter after practice dismissal


Everyone from artist Kanye West to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton knows that if you want to tell a story, make a point, or hit your opponent where it hurts, you take your grievances to Twitter

And while turning to the social media platform with thoughts and emotions has worked out for some—say, Zola and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s former roommate—airing dirty laundry through Twitter doesn’t always come off as heroic or empowering. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins seems to be the latest personality to fall prey to the latter predicament.

On Thursday, Seferian-Jenkins took to Twitter to let off steam after a particularly rough day of practice and ended up tussling with a few judgmental fans. 

According to the  Tampa Bay Times, Bucs head coach Dirk Koetter sent the tight end off the field during the voluntary practice. When asked about Seferian-Jenkins’ departure, Koetter confirmed he kicked the player out of practice, and said, "That's between me and him ... You guys are making more of it than you need to."

While the Times reported that Koetter said Seferian-Jenkins "didn't know what he was doing" just one play before the player left the field, the coach did a fairly solid job of dodging questions regarding Seferian-Jenkins after practice. 

Seferian-Jenkins, however, didn’t keep as quiet. Shortly after leaving the field, he took to Twitter to air his message in a pair of tweets. “MOVING ON!” read one, which Seferian-Jenkins later deleted. “Can't let negative stuff get to u. Let it happen and move on!” read the other. It appeared the player closed out his thoughts with a friendly high-five. 

The tweets are vague and questionable, but not outrightly negative. Perhaps Seferian-Jenkins meant “moving on” in the optimistic sense? He even retweeted sports reporter Rick Stroud, who suggested the idea.

However, all perceived intentions were shoved aside when the player began responding to trolling comments for the next nine hours, talking trash to some respondents about their mothers and wives and even challenging one of them.
Oh, wow, that was pointed.
After a few back-and-forth responses, Seferian-Jenkins seemed to call for a truce.

But, just kidding, he’s still going...

Might as well take a seat, ‘cause this is clearly going to take a while...

This guy? Again?

And last, and possibly the most G-rated of the bunch:

Alas, had Seferian-Jenkins avoided the confrontational tweets, he might have saved face after that practice dismissal. Perhaps he realized just how heavily his crude responses were weighted, as exhibited by his tweet from Friday night.

At least this isn’t the weirdest Twitter-related faux pas to happen in the NFL this week—this time, commissioner Roger Goodell wasn't killed off by a hacker.

H/T The Comeback

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