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Guide to hashtags for every day of the week


If it seems like there are dozens of hashtags giving themes to every single day of the week out there, it’s because, well, there are. From #mondayblues to #sundayselfies, you can #engage with social media all week long. Here’s our guide on how to make sure your Instagram account never misses a day.


Mondays are rough, and you may need some help beating away the #mondayblues. For that, get yourself some #mondaymotivation, either by posting a shot of your gorgeous #manicuremonday or by scrolling through some hunks on #mcm (#mancrushmonday). Then again, if you aren’t into hunks (why?) you can show off your cat with #meowmonday.


Here’s a #tuesdaytip: get yourself a #tuesdaytreat, like a #tacotuesday, or even make it a #tuesdayboozeday. You can also go for #tuesdayshoesday if you’re more of a shopper, or make the treat a trip somewhere for #traveltuesday. In general though, Tuesdays are for change, so use #tt (#transformationtuesday) to show how things are changing for you. Also, if you have pets, be sure you catch them with their #tongueouttuesday.


The #wednesdaywisdom is to post some inspiration to your followers on #humpday with a #1linewed, where you post a line from your favorite book—or even one you’re working on yourself. You can jump into your past with #waybackwednesday or just appreciate some beautiful, talented women with #wcw (#womancrushwednesday) and a glass of #winewednesday. And remember, the Internet isn’t just for cats; use #woofwednesday to brag about your pooch.


You’re almost at the end of the week, so show your appreciation with #thankfulthursday, or just share some of your #thursdaythoughts. Maybe you want to take some time to look back with #tbt (#throwbackthursday), or show off your home decorating skills by photographing your #thursdaytrays, which is 100 percent a thing now. At least if you go on a #thursdate, it’s #thirstythursday.


You have yet another way to look at your past mistakes (or great selfies) with #fbf (#flashbackfriday), but otherwise, Fridays are for helping your friends get into the weekend. Suggest someone to #followfriday, or tell people what you’re reading with #fridayreads. Or you can just say how you’re #fridayfeeling.


The weekend is pretty laid back when it comes to hashtags, but Saturday was made for #caturday. Then again, if you’re getting ready to go out #saturdaynight, you may want to post a #sexysaturday selfie of your outfit.


#Lazysunday is even more chill than Saturday, made for showing off selfies with #selfiesunday, or just enjoying whatever #sundayfunday looks like for you. However, you can still indulge in your vices/NSFW content before the work week with #sinday and #sinfulsunday.

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