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Meet the brilliant bachelor teen who staged a promposal for himself


Instead of going stag to prom, why not take yourself? Raul Rodriguez decided to seize his high school dance destiny by promposing to himself. 

Like, literally. 

"I wasn’t really expecting it, I kind of surprised myself, for a moment I thought I was going to go alone," the South Garland High School senior told the Daily Dot. "I just heard the door knock and I saw myself standing there in front of me with a prom poster and I basically wanted to cry."

Not sure how exactly how this happened? Check it out for yourself: 

"I got the idea from all these promposals I saw on Twitter and all the girls’ reactions and how hilarious they looked. Surprised, some crying," Rodriguez said. "I was like 'hmm,' at the moment I didn’t have a prom date, so how would it look like if i asked myself to prom?"

Rodriguez had his friend David took the pictures, whipped up the imperfect Photoshop of him posing with himself, and posted to Twitter. While he thought that the tweet would probably make the rounds at his high school, he didn't expect it to blow up. Once he tweeted it out, he took a nap, but woke up soon after to his phone buzzing nonstop.

Less than a month after Rodriguez and David crafted the tweet, it has over 27,000 retweets and 37,000 faves. 

One classmate said that his tweet was going to "put Garland on the map." And once, when he was at work at the mall, two girls he didn't know recognized him from the promposal and asked to take a picture with him. 

But as always, haters gonna hate.

"I got a lot of hate for it, because people think I’m a middle-aged dude. Someone posted it on iFunny and the top comment was like, "dude you’re not going to prom unless you’re a pedophile or chaperone," Rodriguez said with good humor. 

Promposals are an epidemic for high schoolers everywhere, with many #teens hoping to one-up one another's public/romantic stunts. The craze reached a whole new level recently with kids reenacting their own births for the once-in-a-puberty moment. 

While asking and going with yourself to prom sounds a lot like flying solo, Rodriguez actually plans on asking someone else to the event. He said that the details are under wraps, but it'll happen later this week. 

We'll see if he can outdo himself the second time around. 

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