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Man who just wanted McDonald's milkshake drawn into epic drive-thru nightmare


The entire point of fast food restaurants' drive-through experience, we'd all agree, is the incredible convenience. Even if there's a glitch with the intercom system or we have to root around in the cupholder for exact change, it's low-stakes, low-hassle, and likely to produce delicious results.

All of this makes the late-night McDonald's saga of a man named Josh Raby all the more stunning. It started, innocently enough, with a milkshake craving—but it spiraled out of control from there.

This is about when most of us would have cut our losses and started looking for a nearby Wendy's. Not Raby, though. He was in it to win it.

Oh, no. Oh god, no.

Is it just me, or are bath salts making a big comeback?

Damn, dude. David Lynch himself couldn't have directed this horrorshow. "You get to drive away" indeed, my friend. 

But we do have one more question...

Ah, yep. Should have guessed.

Update 3:12pm CT, April 11: Seems not everyone is buying Raby's story. Suddenly everyone's a milkshake truther?

Whatever happens next, Raby did finally get his milkshake.

Also, do stay turned for the porn version of this timeless tale.

Also, he probably made the whole thing up. Sorry about that.

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