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Teens troll Uber by complaining about their horrible celebrity drivers


Sooner or later, every Uber customer has a driver who just totally blows. There's the dude who takes the most inefficient route, the guy who turns out to be a sexist asshole, and many other variations. When you encounter these jerks, you can use the power of social media to express your dissatisfaction by tweeting directly at @Uber_Support.

But instead of airing their ride grievances, lately teens are trolling the company by pretending that they had a celebrity as their horrible driver. Along with the usual bombardment of legitimate complaints, Uber Support is facing a storm of hilariously fabricated tales.

Twitter user @holyhenderson's beef with Uber stems from their driver calling them a "fat cunt" and pushing her out of the car on the highway. 

Yep, that is most definitely Demi Lovato. Just when we reached the end of the Internet’s obsession with Poot, her supposed basement-dwelling twin, the singer has once again become an online punching bag. 

Although a screenshot on Tumblr shows that Uber Support responded to the tweet, it doesn't look like that reply is up anymore. Perhaps the screenshot was doctored. Either way, other teens have jumped into this trolling carpool. The framework is simple: Each complaint is accompanied with a picture of a celebrity driving.

Even possible Zodiac Killer Ted Cruz couldn’t take a detour around this meme.

While most of these tweets have gone unanswered, some trolls have taken a sneakier approach by first tweeting the grievance, getting Uber to respond, and then posting the celeb's picture. Why Uber trusted the handle "LabOFHookers" is yet to be understood. 

Others have gotten extra savage with their celeb of choice. One Twitter user used a picture of singer Brandy Norwood, who back in 2006 was involved in a fatal car accident

The structure and essence of these tweets traces back to a March 2016 tweet wherein @HUNTYCHAN complained to Papa John's that self-proclaimed pizza lover and alleged delivery woman Meghan Trainor brought an order to his front door and called him a very unkind name. Papa John's responded and said that they'd look into the incident.

Pranking companies and calling out their bullshit has become way easier since the dawn of social media, with Twitter an especially fun way to interact with the franchises we love (or love to hate). Little Caesar's faces a constant barrage of antagonism on Twitter, while furries are mad thirsty for Tony the Tiger's Frosted Flakes—and then some. 

And although it's incredibly unlikely that Lovato or Justin Bieber spend their free time as Uber drivers, I'd be wary of getting into a car with Biebs on account of the whole 2014 DUI charge. His Uber rating can't be good. 

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