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Hip-hop legend Ja Rule turns 10 years old today


Today is February 29, which means it’s Leap Day, which means one of the greatest hip-hop artists of all time, Ja Rule, is turning 10 years old. Yes, Ja Rule: the pint-sized rapper who recorded innumerable hits and made your high school dances that much more tolerable.

Given that Ja Rule brought us classics such as “Always on Time,” “Between Me and You,” and “Mesmerize,” it’s only fitting that the Internet is currently paying homage. This is a man who refused to give up, inspiring us no matter how many times 50 Cent tried to break him down. 

So much love for Ja.

He can’t believe it.

Pretending that his favorite song isn’t “I’m Real.”   

A Ja Rule fan teaching the masses about leap days.

His fans in Germany sent him some love while reminding us that Ashanti is also underrated.

This sums up exactly what Ja Rule means to the world.

Today we honor a legend. Today we celebrate the Ja Rule inside us all.

Photo via Eduardo Santos/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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