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The 9 best memes for sliding into DMs


There's no better way to say “I like you, wanna go out?” then to slide into your cutie’s DMs and make it explicitly known. And here at the Daily Dot, our Twitter moves are tight—how do you think we got so many followers?

If you’re looking for a way to make your sweetie laugh in private—because that’s the next logical move after they follow you back, assuming you don’t already know them IRL—then look no further! Try these hilarious memes when the time is right, and if they write back “lmao,” then you’re golden.

1) When you wanna have fun with it

It’s a beautiful, sunny day somewhere on a beach. Grown-ups know how to have fun in giant inflatable fun houses while listening to The Weeknd. Basically, this is a great, silly way to slide into those DMs and stay there!

2) When you’re feeling graceful

Step on the gas and round that bend into the DM. You got this one!

3) When you’re genuinely thrown off by the slide-in

“Wait, what just happened? I thought we were merely Twitter friends! I’m not sure if our flirtation on that public timeline will translate into a private DM convo, but now you’re in, and, I mean, you can ask me out or somethin’?”

4) When it’s a rough-and-tumble struggle

This is horrifying, but sometimes you just gotta take the plunge and hope for the best. Send your cutie this DM, and they’ll know that you’re in for whatever type of slide could happen. Perhaps the slide is just the beginning of a big emotional roller coaster.

But this isn’t Tinder—this is Twitter. The slide is too slippery. The pain is, at times, unbearable. But you will, I promise, make it to bottom. And when you do, you will thank me for giving you the courage to slide into those DMs. Sending this meme will help take the pressure off and make you seem very self-aware of what you are doing in this slippery moment.

5) When you wanna be straightforward about it

Nothing says “yes” like being direct with someone you like. Sometimes, the DM slide is a bit too obvious: You start talking on Twitter, you feel [flame emoji] vibes, and you wanna go private with that flirt, so you take it to the DM, where it can more easily be screengrabbed for approval by your bestie later. (It could also become a meme, which you always have to be ready for.) Hit your cutie up with a meta message: They’re funny and smart—and so are you. If they don’t get this oh-so-dry attempt at humor, then you better slide back out of those DMs ASAP!

6) When you’re feeling super casual and cute

For when you feel like you’re a professional basketball player and everyone in the (Twitter) stadium is watching you. I always feel like white people using NBA memes is a form of casual racism, but I am going to save that for a thinkpiece and let you enjoy this look.

7) When you wanna be extra respectful about it

These “rules of the slide-in,” as I am going to call them here, make you come across as very polite, bordering on fearful. Be sure to keep your mind on #3—“always real” is key. Pro tip: Don’t actually send this to your cutie.

8) When they slide into your DMs with this look

If that’s not a look that will get you into her DMs, I don’t know what is. This delightful pic from artist Petra Cortright, who basically is the Internet, made clear just how meme-able every chihuahua truly is. It’s rare to find a dog that is tiny, not a cat, and so delicate that it shivers even when it’s 90 degrees out. With every emotional sensitivity out there, the chihuahua is definitely the one you wanna let slide into those DMs. Or else wait for its cousin, the pug, the only other dog that can get away with true eccentricities—because it's just that ill-designed and helpless!

9) When you want to take your DM flirting to the ~next level~

We all know that the artist’s brand is present on Twitter, and what’s more romantic than some dude or masculine-of-center, queer-gay-bisexual-all-the-sexual-identities artist drawing the object of their gender-non-conforming affection à la the infamous Jack/Rose Titanicscene? Now that IRL eye contact is a rarity, just send them a nude selfie via DM, draw them like one of your DM girls, and DM it back to them! This is some next-level sliding-in, if you ask me. 

Photo via Richard Barley/Flickr

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