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The 11 best (and worst) edited Justin Bieber nudes


Little-known fact: When pop star Justin Bieber takes off his clothes, he is naked. And when the paparazzi are lurking in some nearby foliage during Bieber's naked time, they snap skeevy photos of said nakedness.

If you want to look at those voyeuristic, uncensored images, be our guest. We're too busy fawning over these simply glorious edited versions. 

1) Black swim trunks

2) Promotional T-shirt for upcoming album

3) Spa robe

4) Taco Bell logo

5) Cheeseburger

6) Space Invader

7) Assorted fruits and vegetables

8) Celebrity friend 

OK, we have to link out for this one: Beware, it's NSFW.

9) Fez and gandora

10) Kim Kardashian homage

11) Patriotic

Dude has honestly never looked better.

Photo via Joe Bielawa/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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