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11 reasons Cher is the best person on Twitter


Last week, Chershared in the eye-rolling frustration of Donald Trump's bit of promotional theatre disguised as a presidential run announcement by saying she'd move to Jupiter if he was elected. 

It wasn't the first time Cher's called out injustice on Twitter: She's tenaciously political. Her tweets often read like mind-searing chunks of puzzle-poetry, and her penchant for random capitalization and emoji use has made her the butt of jokes, but maybe you just have to be fluent in Cher to appreciate it. 

Is the account really run by Cher? I want to believe. It's cleaved open a truly wonderful space in the Twittersphere. Here's a look at some of her greatest hits.   

1) In March, she took the wind out of known windbag Piers Morgan when he made a comment about her appearance and age: 

2) She had some very controversial thoughts about the Sony hack and release of The Interview back in December:  

3) She warned about the dangers of Pinterest, but you wouldn't listen:  

4) This is basically the 2015 version of "We Didn't Start the Fire":  

5) She's got great ideas for Hollywood movies: 

6) Zing! 

7) She's... ready for Hillary

8) Maybe she was tossing around album titles?

9) She's taken a stand for Madonna before: 

10) OK: 

11) And she let us in on her workout routine:  

Illustration by Max Fleishman 

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