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Behind the amazing Twitter about weirdos on the Moscow subway


The Russian Twitter account Мода в Mетро ("Fashion on the subway") showcases the weirdest, funniest things that people wear as they go about their business on the Moscow metro system. It's an absolute must-follow.

Moda V Metro presents itself as something of "The People Of Walmart," but for the most populous city of the world's biggest country. As you'll see, things get strange rather quickly when you're underground in Russia's capital:

All order of fails and weirdness are on display throughout. Plenty of Russian commuters have taken it upon themselves to act as the account's eyes and ears, submitting especially unbelievable photos they capture during their travels.

We caught up with the account founder via email. He or she chose to remain anonymous, but they did provide some insight into what it's like to be the steward of such a surreal Twitter feed.

This interview has been edited for context and clarity.

THE DAILY DOT: Are you one person or many?

MODA V METRO: One person leads the @modavmetro account.

Why did you start the account? Did you see something so unusual that it just had to be shared with others?

I had the idea of having such an account for a long time. In Russia, as in the countries of the former USSR, a person who dresses unconventionally gets a lot of attention from others. Such people unite in our country and call them freaks. I decided to make an account to put these people on public display.

How have Russians responded? Do they like it?

Surprisingly, for the first three months, it attracted nearly 10,000 followers, and this number is growing every day. In addition to sharing some photos found on the Internet, I started to retweet photos from followers. They show great interest in the account, and this gives strength to it, updating every single day.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve personally seen on the Moscow metro, whether or not it was photographed?

Each time going down in the subway I see something unusual. Sometimes you take a picture and post to Twitter, and smiles just happen.

Have you ridden the NYC subway before? How do the passengers compare to those on the Moscow metro?

I've never been to New York, but have often seen passengers in the New York subway. And I tell you, the passengers of the Moscow metro dress just beautifully. You see freaks a lot more, however they do not pay close attention. I think it's all from the mentality of our countries.

What can you tell us about your daily life in Moscow?

It's the ordinary life of any metropolis in the world. Morning and evening, crowds of people occupy subways, buses, and commuter trains. Millions of cars, traffic jams every day. Frantic pace, all in a hurry, running somewhere. In an anthill, all busy with their work and chores.

What can be said in general about Moscow is the fact that this is a country within a country. The capital of Russia lives under the law and at their own pace. And yet, Moscow is very national. People come here from all over Russia. In a nutshell, life in Moscow is difficult to describe. You've just got to live there.

Photo via ModaVMetro/Twitter

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