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Duck the Cat: A day in the life of an Internet-famous feline


Duck is no typical cat. The fluffy Persian is the founder of Catroulette, a Tumblr blog in which she poses for admirers on the once-popular social media platform Chatroulette.

That blog, unfortunately, now lies dormant, but Duck lives on, gracing hundreds of Twitter and Instagram feeds with her buff-colored face and cheerful quips. To me, what’s wonderful and unique about Duck, besides her magnificent fur, is her wide-eyed innocence and the affection she has for her followers, demonstrated through frequent smiley emoji and a familiar tweet sign-off: “love duck.” Her somewhat disgruntled appearance sits in direct opposition to the sweetness of her posts, and it makes her even more lovable than if she only spoke Cat.  

The Daily Dot, which previously counted Duck among Instagram’s rising stars, took the moment to chat with Duck about her childhood and career as the Top Cat on Twitter. (Special thanks to Becca Laurie, Duck’s human, for setting up this interview.)

First, let’s establish background: Where were you born? And how did you meet your parents?

i was born in brighton beach, brooklyn, and i met my parents when they found me and my brothers and sisters on craigslist! this is a picture of the first time i met my parents.

Run me through your typical day.

i usually wake up around 10:30 and ask my mom to feed me. then i eat my breakfast. my favorite meal is chicken and tuna mixed together! after i eat i usually drink some water and go take a nap for a few hours. if it’s rainy i usually sleep under the bed all day. there’s a suitcase that i like to sleep in because its right next to the heater and i love to be warm. if it’s a nice day, i wake up after a few hours and try to sunbathe in the living room

or sit with my mom on the couch.

in the late afternoon, i will nap until my dad gets home. then i play with dad and we all watch tv together in the living room. sometimes i will knead on my mom before she goes to bed, eat a midnight snack, and then go to sleep on my chair bed

How’d you get your amazing name?

my parents said it just fit me because i was cute and i make little quack noises sometimes!

How’d you come up with the idea of Catroulette?

i wanted to meet people, but i’m very shy around strangers, so i thought catroulette was a good solution :)

What were some of the craziest Catroulette experiences you’ve had?

it’s been so long i barely remember. but i loved seeing people smile when they realized they were chatting with a little cat. i also liked when i found another dog or cat on chatroulette, that was so fun

Do you ever miss doing Catroulette?

i do! we gave up on it once everybody started blocking their own videos. it wasn’t fun looking at a dark screen, and since i can’t talk i need to see people’s reactions for it to work :)

Where’s your favorite place to hang out in the house?

ok i have a few is that ok? 

  1. my mom’s nightstand because it’s right on top of the heater 
  2. the carpet squares in the living room 
  3. my parents’ bed 
  4. my cat tree 
  5. on top of the hamper 
  6. in the suitcase under the bed

You have truly gorgeous fur. How do you maintain its lush color and softness?

well my parents make me take a bath every few months and i hate it but i love how i look after the bath! they use a purple-tinted shampoo to make my fur color pop :) and they brush me with a furminator brush and i pretend to hate it but it feels good

I heard you like Katy Perry. Any other celebrities you’re particularly fond of?

i love katy and kim kardashian the most

Did you know there’s another cat named Duck on the Internet? How do you feel about that?

i didn’t but what a great name for a cat

Photo via @duckthecat/Twitter 

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