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The 2 most Internet-famous porn stars just had a very public feud


This post contains sexually explicit material.

The Hatfields and McCoys. Ali versus Frazier. Katy Perry versus Taylor Swift. Now, a Twitter feud between Veronica Vain and Kendra Sunderland, two porn stars who became viral sensations earlier this year, is about to go down in history as one of the most brutal and hilariously petty feuds of all time.

The first shot was fired by Vain, better known as the Wall Street porn star after she became famous last January for tweeting nude selfies from the bathroom of the investment banking firm where she worked. On Wednesday, she called out Sunderland, aka the Oregon State “library girl,” who was famously arrested for public indecency after her XXX cam show in the Oregon State campus library went viral.

At first, this tweet appears to be nothing more than a minor professional jibe. Sunderland represents the sugar-daddy dating website DateBrokeCollegeGirls.com, while Vain is a spokesperson for sugar-daddy dating competitor ArrangementFinders.

But what started out as little more than a rivalry between the porn star spokespeople of competing morally ambiguous third-rate dating websites quickly turned into something trashy. Sunderland fired back:

That's when these ladies stopped being polite and started getting real. 

Unfortunately, advertising standards prohibit us from displaying an uncensored version of Vain’s "talent." Suffice to say, it involves a sex act.

Ditto Sunderland's photo proving she'd gotten a cast made of her vagina.

It pretty much went downhill from there:

Luckily, we won’t need to send these two to Camp David (or whatever its porn equivalent is) to settle their differences, because it seems to have pretty much fizzled out by now. But smut aficionados have already started to take sides:

Some people just wished Mommy and Daddy would stop fighting.

It’s unclear who emerged from this feud victorious, but we do know one thing: These ladies should enjoy their fun for now, because their Internet shelf life is only another three or four minutes.

If they do keep it going, though, they might want to try to bring in Belle Knox.

Photos via Twitter | Remix by Jason Reed

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