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The best of Harris Wittels, from 'Parks and Recreation' to the humblebrag


Fans and comedy lovers are mourning Harris Wittels, who was found dead in his L.A. home on Thursday.

Wittels, who was just 30 years old, accomplished much during his comedy career. He was a writer and later executive producer on Parks and Recreation, a regular on hit podcast Comedy Bang! Bang!, and popularized the term “humblebrag” on Twitter

Wittels left a small goldmine of comedy online. Here are some of his best-loved bits and appearances.

1) Parks and Recreation 

Wittels appeared on Parks and Recreation as Harris, a 33-year-old animal control worker and avid Phish fan who was always “down to clown." 

2) Comedy Bang! Bang! 

Fans of Comedy Bang! Bang!will remember him best for Harris’s Phone Corner, also known as Harris’s Foam Corner, a segment that featured Wittels reading jokes he'd written in his phone. You can check out a full catalog of Wittels’ appearances here.  

Wittels also appeared on Comedy Bang! Bang! as a character named Jack Sjunior.

3) The humblebrag 

Wittels cultivated a huge following on Twitter through his @Humblebrag account, which astutely zeroed in on self-adulating tweets thinly veiled as accounts of adversity.

The account eventually spawned a book and a very funny promo.

Screengrab via Funny or Die/YouTube

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