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Teen gets fired for vulgar tweet about the pizza job she hadn't even started


You can lose your job over thoughtless social media posts. This is, we hope, common knowledge in 2015. But special recognition is in order for Cella, a Texan teenager who managed to lose her pizzeria job the day before she was scheduled to start working.

She did so with gusto, tweeting, “Ew I start this fuck ass job tomorrow,” followed by seven thumbs-down emoji.

It seems Cella had become pre-disillusioned with her soon-to-be position at Jet's Pizza, which would have entailed “working register, taking phone orders, making subs/salads.” 

This is according to her almost-employer, franchise owner Robert Waple—who fired her for the tweet above.

Waple, whose tweets are now protected, had evidently been alerted to Cella’s carping by another employee. Before this incident, he had barely used Twitter. Sensing blood, the trolls—including other people who had allegedly worked for Jet’s Pizza—attacked in droves.

Some, however, took Waple’s side, standing against the scourge of teen malcontentment.

Cella took the dismissal, as well as the viral fame that followed, in reasonably good cheer.

And anyway, it looked as if she had bigger fish to fry. (Bigger pizzas to put in the oven?)

We hear it can be difficult to get hired with a criminal record, so, uh, good luck, kid. If all else fails, you can always tour the country as a demotivational speaker.

Oh yeah, and happy National Pizza Day.

H/T Gawker | Photo by Jasmine/Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

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