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We turned our staff's tweets into beautiful, mesmerizing poetry


I know what you’re thinking: your tweets already are poetry. But with the help of some nimble programming—in the form of a website called Poetweet—those tweets coalesce into a literary masterwork. Check out what the algorithm accomplished by remixing the Daily Dot’s feed:

Clearly this was something on which we could waste our entire morning. And with three formats to choose from (sonnet, rondel, indriso), there were no limits to this adventure in verse.

Our politics editor delved into the darkest depths of geekhood.

While our morning editor pivoted from cheeky rhymes to an avant-garde coda.

Entertainment editor Monica Riese displayed a Céline-like fondness for the ellipsis.

Staff writer Michelle Jaworski turned in a visceral, spiny little number.

Our community manager’s piece had an utterly perfect title.

And our LOL editor explored the interrogative mood.

Tech editor Molly McHugh had what seemed an ode to existence itself.

Tech reporter Taylor Hatmaker leans a bit more…technical.

Sex reporter EJ Dickson proved that art is the best way to settle scores.

Yes, our illustrator is a creepy stalker best avoided.

And our fandom expert likes to rage against the status quo.

Politics writer Kevin Collier went for rugged, Appalachian minimalism.

Social media editor Evan Weiss wrestled with current events and paternity.

Contributing writer and Vine wizard Greg Seals got fairly illicit.

Fellow freelancer Marisa Kabas turned out to be a master of rhythm.


And politics reporter Aaron Sankin sounded justifiably paranoid.

I’m comfortable admitting that I’m my own biggest fan.

We could keep going, of course. We just have to pause in order to print and bind everything we have so far. Library of Congress, here we come!

Photo by brewbooks/Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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