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Investigating a porn star's bizarre Twitter rant against Chris Brown


A porn performer lashed out at Chris Brown on Twitter, claiming he tried to pay her for sex and then harassed her on social media. Brown’s camp tells us the rumors are “a waste of all of our time.”

Chris Brown is no stranger to the porn world. When he was released from prison last summer, he celebrated by partying with adult performers Alexis Texas and Bonnie Rotten and posting the photos on Twitter. (Rotten later told a reporter the party was “boring.”) And just last October, Brown was rumored to be dating the adult performer Pinky.

While hobnobbing with porn stars is obviously not a crime in itself, he might be embroiled in more alarming behavior, if a bizarre Twitter rant from porn star Kagney Linn Karter is any indication.

Last weekend, Karter went on a vaguely coherent, 24-hour spiel, accusing Brown of paying her $2,400 for a “private,” which is a shorthand term in the adult industry for an escorting appointment. 

Porn performers often escort on the side, charging thousands of dollars a night for their company. The practice is controversial but fairly common.

Karter tweeted that when she refused to have sex with Brown, he started bullying and harassing her on social media:

She also had some choice words for Brown’s followers, who defended him on Twitter:

Although Karter claims Brown harassed her so much she had to delete her Instagram, so far she’s failed to produce any tangible evidence of Brown’s harassment, aside from a few NSFW text messages and dick pics that she claims to be from Brown. She did not allege that Brown’s abuse was physical. 

Requests for comment from Karter were not returned. However, a representative from Brown’s label wrote to us in an email:

I checked it out and it’s just her posting bizarre things on her timeline. She’s trying to attribute those words to [Brown] without proof yes?

Oh goodness, such a waste of all of our time. 

Karter seems to have calmed down somewhat, although her tweets are no less incoherent:

Brown, who is reportedly dating model Karrueche Tran, was released from prison in the summer of 2014, after serving 108 days in jail for violating probation on a felony assault charge. He was also famously arrested for assaulting his ex-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009.

Most recently, the singer made headlines when five people were shot at a show in a San Jose nightclub. His latest studio album, X,was released last September.

H/T TRPWL (NSFW) | Photo by Eva RInaldi/Flickr (CC BY SA 2.0)

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